Bow Wow isn’t interested in participating in the Verzuz streaming phenomenon. After fans hounded him on social media about a potential battle with Soulja Boy, the multi-platinum selling artist said it’s “not gonna happen” and dismissed other potential matchups via Twitter on Monday (July 27).

According to Bow Wow, a battle with Soulja Boy makes no sense.

“How soulja makes fun turnt music. I make r&b hip hop music for the ladies,” he told one fan. “How is that a good match up? You gone crank that one minute then the next cry over an ex. Thats an emotional roller coaster.”

When the Soulja Boy idea got shut down, Bow Wow was asked about who he’d want to battle.

“I dont want to,” he wrote before elaborating in a follow-up post. “Rather be getting money than playing songs yall heard a million times for an hour.”

Twitter users continued to pitch Bow Wow on the idea of Verzuz, telling him it would remind people of his career accomplishments. The 33-year-old rapper downplayed the need for such an event.

“I come from an era where.. if you a legend .. you a legend,” he wrote. “No need to remind folks. Im only 33 i got more work to do. A verzuz for me right now makes no sense.”

He added, “i was just part of a good era and music. I wasnt THAT important. Lot of big acts were dominating the 2000’s.”

Bow Wow also denied claims of him turning down Verzuz out of fear.

“What smoke?” he declared. “When i say theres no match up im not being cocky i really dont know a mtch up that makes sense. The names yall throwing makes no sense.”

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He noted, “I wanted fab. But he did it already. Is why im saying theres no one to battle. Im not being cocky at all indont want that taken out of context.”

Fans wouldn’t let up though despite Bow Wow bluntly saying, bluntly saying, “I wish they would stop. Waste of time. Im not doing verzuz.” His frequent collaborator Omarion was even thrown out as a possible opponent.

However, a pitch about a showdown with Ja Rule did grab his attention. Although he insisted he wouldn’t do Verzuz, a clash with Ja convinced him to say it was still a possibility.

“I dont duck nothing,” he maintained. “I MIGHT … entertain that! MIGHT!”