It seems like 50 Cent is becoming broken down by the whole Curtis Vs Graduation fiasco. In an interview with Massachusetts news network WWLP, a disheartened Curtis Jackson opened up about his future in the industry. What you are about to read may surprise you.

As 50 Cent is exiting a plane with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks in Westfield, WWLP reporter Kala Rama begins by asking 50 about coming to the small city in Massachusetts. 50 then responds to questions about any issues with Kanye. As 50 talks about the creation of Curtis and the marketing of both his and Kanye‘s albums, the mood changes and 50 begins talking about his feelings and his recording career.

“I’m not really excited to go sell a record,” 50 states. “I probably won’t put another album out. If I do put another album out I probably won’t travel to promote it.”

50 then goes into more detail about Curtis in particular…

“The actual release of this record wasn’t pleasant for me,” 50 continues.

When questioned if he has burnt out by the industry, 50 counters “Well not ‘burned out’, I just don’t want to do it… anymore. This is the first time I ever told people publicly what I’ve been feeling this way for awhile.”

He is then asked what his next steps will be and he responds, “I don’t know, I’ll figure it out. Plus it’s comfortable and I’m in a space where I’m rich already. Talk to you later.”

And at that point, 50 Cent ended the interview and walked off.

What does it all mean? Is this the end of 50 Cent?

DX will keep you posted.