Brooklyn, NY – Maino lambasted the gunmen behind the death of 1-year-old Davell Gardner Jr., who was shot and killed at a cookout in Brooklyn on Sunday (July 12). The BK native chastised the killers, whom police said opened fire at a group of people including the boy.

Gardner was in a stroller and got hit in the stomach. He died later at a local hospital.

“I talk about.. rap about it…I Lived this shit,” Maino wrote on Instagram. “I ain’t no fucking hypocrite with this shit. But This shit ain’t cool!!! Fuck is wrong witchu Niggas!!!!! This type of shit ain’t NEVER BEEN COOL! Ever!!! This ain’t Drilling nigga. This is stupid and reckless. I wake up and see a 1 ur old baby gets killed in Bed Stuy …cause you niggas can’t catch up to your so-called Opps and look him in his eye the right way. Fuck outta here! This shit ain’t cool nigga!!”

He added in the accompanying clip, “When did shooting in crowds become cool? That shit wasn’t cool 100 years ago. What kinda nigga be in jail for shooting a baby by mistake? Not a cool nigga. Not a gangsta nigga, not a killer. That’s a mistake, nigga. A dumb mistake. That’s stupid. You stupid! You stupid! Because that ain’t never it.”

Maino’s anger over the 1-year-old child’s death led him to repost his video. In his second post, he continued to condemn the killers in the caption.

“Shit got me so angry…this shit dumb man. Not fucking cool nigga!!!” he emphasized. “We finally get them to take these fucking Plainclothes Police off the street and now u niggas think it’s time to turn it up. No!! All that’s gon do is get them to justify why they need to be in our hoods on GO time and they just gon come back and kill all of us anyway. Super Stupid ass Niggas! Smh.”

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The shooting took place at the Raymond Bush Playground in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Three men were also injured in the incident but are expected to survive.

A 27-year-old was struck in the ankle, a 35-year-old took a bullet to the groin and a 36-year-old was hit in the leg.

No arrests have made as of Wednesday (July 15). Police are seeking information about the shooting on the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).