Chance The Rapper found himself at the mercy of Twitter after he publicly voiced his support for Kanye West’s nearly fictional presidential run. But after hours of seemingly endless bashing, Lil Chano conceded he simply couldn’t win the battle.

On Monday afternoon (July 13), he accepted his defeat and tweeted, “When you get to the top of a hill and realize you have to die on it.”

The final straw for the philanthropic rapper seem to arrive once controversial figure Terry Crews stepped in to defend Chance, writing, “I feel your pain. @chancetherapper is just doing the math, and seeing a lot of things that don’t add up. This is what happens when you think for yourself.”

Chance, who’s evidently well aware of Crews’ reputation stemming from his polarizing views on the Black Lives Matter movement, then joked he was going to get down that hill a lot faster.

“Ok sprinting down the hill now: I understand the improbability of Ye winning the 46th Presidential seat and I understand that everyone voting for Biden isn’t necessarily doing so enthusiastically,” he added. “I am for black liberation and do not accept my recent endorsement from Terry Crews.”

Crews quickly insisted, “Never endorsed you bro.”

Crews, the host of America’s Got Talent, faced criticism for equating the BLM movement to “black supremacy.” As a result, Royce Da 5’9 suggested Crews — along with conservative commentator Candace Owens and NBA star Charles Barkley — is “destructive” to society during an interview with HipHopDX last month.

“My idea of happiness is a happy white person,” he said. “If I can somehow get to the level of a happy white person and carry myself in a way where I feel accepted by happy white people, then I achieved the American dream. That’s why niggas like Charles Barkley and fucking Terry Crews, that’s why these niggas act like that.”

Royce Da 5’9 Says Charles Barkley, Terry Crews & Candace Owens Are Destructive To Society

Kanye, who announced his intention to run in the 2020 election on the Fourth Of July, was previously an outspoken advocate for Donald Trump, causing divisiveness among his fans. But he recently disavowed the current POTUS in an interview with Forbes, referring to the White House as a “mess.”

Those worried he could spilt the democratic vote and hand the re-election to Trump, a recent U.S. poll showed Ye pulled in just two percent of the vote out of the 2,000 people asked who’d they vote for in the November election.