Ice Cube found himself a trending Twitter topic on Wednesday (June 10) after he posted an onslaught of memes, one of which is allegedly anti-Semitic propaganda branded by a fake Russian media property.

According to the Daily Beast, the meme was created by “Black Matters,” a website and Facebook page claiming to be a non-profit news resource for black people. However, it was outed as a “Russian-run propaganda tool to manipulate Americans” years ago.

The meme features Egyptian pharaoh statues with their noses blown off. The text reads, “A rare early photo of statues before Europeans shot the noses off.” CNN explained it wasn’t the Europeans who did this, rather pharaohs would break the noses off the statues of their predecessors.

In another meme, Cube appeared to share an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory involving the image of the Black Cube of Saturn within the Star of David. The Black Cube of Saturn reportedly refers to a cult of Satan worshippers.

After the Daily Beast article ran, Cube appeared to issue a warning to the publication, tweeting, “MESSAGE TO THE BEAST: if you attack any of my family or seeds, i will attack your family and seeds.”



Cube’s cascade of tweets almost makes it look like he’s been hacked. Twitter can’t quite seem to figure out what to make of the sudden onslaught of conspiracy memes, but many people aren’t pleased. Others defended him and pointed out he’s been addressing the same issues for decades.

Since the police killing of 46-year-old black man George Floyd, Cube has been incredibly vocal about supporting Black Lives Matter. Floyd’s death seems to have really hit him hard. Earlier this month, he canceled an appearance on Good Morning America because he was “in no mood to tell America, good morning.”

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