With the rest of the Hip Hop community using Instagram Live during quarantine as a means to promote albums, dance parties or simply interact with fans, DMX decided to take a different approach — bible study.

Long known for being outspoken regarding his Christian faith, X’s first-ever solo venture on the highly popular platform involved hosting a virtual Bible study on Friday night (April 24). He began by reading Ecclesiastes and helping viewers find comfort despite the ongoing anxiety of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the globe.

X also led a sermon in regards to how to maintain one’s faith despite the world being in chaos. He stressed how the events of the world were due to God’s will and trying to understand it would be doing yourself a disservice.

“The most important thing that we could hope for, or pray for, or ask for, is that our desires coincide with God’s will,” he said.

DMX Cancels Shows & Checks Himself Into Rehab

Last year was another tumultuous one for Dark Man X. He checked himself into rehab, canceling shows before re-emerging towards the end of the year with a triumphant return to the stage. In March, he confirmed a new album was in the works during an episode of Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio Instagram Live show.

Fans not only agreed that X is probably the one rapper out right now who should be doing a Sunday Service but also remarked on how healthy and clear he seemed.

Watch X’s Bible study below.