Yo what’s good? The good people here at DX have hooked me up with a spot to blast some news. You know the gossip that we all pretend not to give a s**t about but read anyway..yeah that stuff.

Shout out DX!

Lil Wayne is gearing up to do a diss track against 50, but nothing stands in the way of Curtis ,who has been getting the line up ready for his “I Get Money” remix which is featuring Rakim, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Fabolous. Funny thing about this is that Jimmy Jones might be showing up on that joint. I mean well what can we expect..the Dips aren’t really doing much right now..what did Freekey sell? 4800 in his first week? I rest my case. Go get that money Jimmy.

Biggest names in gossip right now have to be Usher and Tameka. This wedding, man oh man y’all what is going on? Some photographers said that the wedding was being held at LA Reid‘s house out in the Hamptons and they had pics to prove it. The house they had been snapping though was actually Russell and Lady Phat’s. They were throwing some event for their Rush Foundation, and the tents people thought were for Usher‘s wedding were actually for this event… but funnily enough Kimmy failed to show up…and she was hosting…could it be because Russ invited that model chick he been running around town with? Who the hell knows or maybe she was working on her new reality TV show…damn reality TV

Jay Z is playing dumb about the way in which his employees are paid at the 40/40 in Manhattan…some chick who was waiting tables down there was mad they weren’t even paying them minimum wage. Anyhow, Jay who is allegedly the co-owner is now saying he is just a partner and this has nothing to do with him. He’s probably worrying too much about his girls who have been falling over the place lately. First Beyonce taking that tumble which had Sony demand Youtube take down the video and then Jay’s other chick Rihanna is on crutches too…and how much are her legs insured for again…a mil? No idea what happened to Rihanna but that rumor about her and Omarion just wont go away.

Until Tuesday …peace

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