Kanye West is usually upset if he isn’t the greatest. Remember how Ye ran up at The Oscars? Well, this time, he isn’t too upset. Recently, MTV caused a stir with their 10 Hottest MC’s list. Now, West is reacting to the list.
“I’m only gonna accept a couple of people being ahead of me,” he told MTV. “Only two.”
He went on to speak on various rappers on the list.
On Wayne:
“He’s in a zone. It’s like Eminem with ‘hood records. You go to the strip clubs, they know his words all the way through. People know his records. … When he gets on tracks, he gives excitement, he has a combination of punch lines, excitement and swag. Some people got real lyrics, others have a lot of swag. He combines both. His voice cuts on the track too. His lines are real memorable as well.”
On T.I.:
“T.I. came from being super-lyrical, and what he’s doing right now is so easy for him. It’s so much swag. I just feel like he has the life. He can go in the studio, knock a song out in 10, 15 minutes, and do whatever he wants for the rest of the day. T.I. never overdoes it; he gives you exactly what you needed.”
On himself:
“I just want to step up everything — step the videos up, step the gear up. … What [Andre] 3000 told me when he heard ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing,’ he said, ‘I believe you.’ A lot of rappers, they say sh– they don’t believe themselves. When I’m talking, y’all believe my passion. I think it’s important to cover all bases. Even though we doing shows with 50,000 to 100,000 people, I want to have that respect in the barbershop. I want to make something where somebody driving their car, they could be like, ‘This n—a is saying something.’ My lyrics don’t be for play, they be for real. I’m talking about real sh– people could relate to. This is not no fantasy rap.”
He went on to give MTV his list of hottest MC’s today.
· 1. Lil Wayne
· 2. Andre 3000
· 3. Kanye West
· 4. T.I.
· 5. Fabolous

He also went on to give his illest MC’s when it comes to “swag.”
· 1. Jim Jones
· 2. T.I.
· 3. Young Jeezy