Steve Rifkind, CEO/Founder of SRC records, spoke exclusively to this afternoon and addressed recent rumors that have been circulating regarding a couple high profile artist signings that his label has purportedly made.

“No,” Rifkind replied flatly when asked if former G-Unit affiliate Mase has been signed to SRC. While a deal has yet to be done, Rifkind is holding out hope that an agreement “where we can try to please everybody” can still be reached between the invested parties.

The other much-speculated recent signing to SRC is that of the Boot Camp Clik’s Sean Price, who like Mase has also apparently yet to sign on the dotted line. “Sean, we’re looking at,” says Rifkind. “We have a great relationship with his manager. We’re a fam, we just don’t know [yet if he’ll be signed], because of how the Universal system operates, ‘cause they’re a radio-driven company.’”

In addition to clearing up the rumors of new signings to his label, the proprietor of the successful battle rap competition/talent search also took time out of his busy schedule to clarify the fate of the highly-anticipated new Wu-Tang Clan album, 8 Diagrams (“It should drop in either late September or early October. I’m going to Orlando tomorrow to hear the album, finally”), as well as the rumored absence of one of the group members from the project (“As far as I know Ghost is involved. They’re all on tour together right now”).

Rifkind responded to two additional rumors that have surfaced involving his company, including that the Def Squad label has partnered with SRC (“That’s my first time hearing that”), and that the disappointing commercial performance of Pharoahe Monch’s Desire may result in the album being his first and last release sponsored by SRC (“We’ll definitely do another record on him”).