Mystikal has a message for the terrorists who orchestrated the September 11 attacks: You have not defeated the U.S.

The rapper’s new single Bouncin Back (Bumpin Me Against the Wall) tells terrorists that it’s going to take more than anthrax and airplanes to keep the U.S. down. Mystikal served in the U.S. army during Operation Desert Storm.

The song is featured on his new album Tarantula which is in stores on December 18. The album features a collaboration with fellow New Orleans thug Juvenile, who left Cash Money a while back, and claims they owed him money. Juvenile says there is no bad blood between him and the label now though.

The album also features production by Juvenile, The Neptunes and Rockwilder, and may or may not have a guest appearance by Method Man and Redman, depending on the track selection.