Los Angeles, CA – While Xzibit’s Pimp My Ride days may be over, his musical journey is ongoing. On Wednesday (February 12), the X to the Z shared an Instagram photo of himself posted up at the studio with Dr. Dre and Focus…

“@focus3dots @drdre @xzibit you have no idea wtf we about to drop like a atom bomb on you.com,” he promised in the caption. “#Powerful #Actions no statement needed. #Ilikethatyouthinkyourewinning.” 

Xzibit followed up with another photos of himself with Dre, FredWreck, Ice-T and producer Hen Gee with the hashtags, “#WestCoast #Avengers.”

Although it would be a Hip Hop purist’s dream come true if they were all collaborating on a project together, it appears the illustrious Hip Hop figures could’ve simply been celebrating Ice-T’s birthday party at Lawry’s The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills either before or after they popped up in the studio.

Hen Gee shared a video montage of the festivities to his Instagram account on Wednesday (February 12).

“#WestCoastWednesday #TrippleOG Ice T, Bornday party/Toast w/Fam & Friends,” he captioned the post. “Best time ever. Memory lane. #TourLife, #StreetLife #Loyalty #Integrity #NoSnitching #GoldenEra #GangsterRap #RymeSyndicate. #CrimeCrew. reunión. Live as long as you want, & never want as long as you live! #Ice-T.”

The inimitable Ice-T turns 62 on Sunday (February 16).