The Dipset capo, Jim Jones, was recently interviewed
by MTV Raw. Jones speaks on the rumored fued between himself and Cam’ron
as well as the future of Dipset.

As reported earlier, Jim Jones recently spoke on Cam,
revealing to Miss Info that there was in fact some drama within the camp

When asked about the “beef” Jones responded with “Let’s just say, brothers fight, mothers and
sons fight, husband and wife fight, there’s some family things goin on, ya dig …
It’s still Dipset by all means, don’t nobody get that twisted. We entitled
to fued.

Is the beef over?

“Everything is fine, everything
is straight. As far as what me and Cam go going on, that’s a little bit more
personal than anything. That doesn’t reflect on our movement, doesn’t reflect
on our business. Business is always business, at the end of the day. If we want
to keep this boat floatin, want to keep it like that, one of us gonna have to
jump off ship, cause it’s gonna float, baby.

Moving onto Jay-Z, he put out a little track and had a little bit to say about you, what do you think?

“It’s a beautiful thing. I’m on Jay-Z’s mind. I’m on everybody’s mind … why is this boy concerned with Jim Jones?”

Are you gonna come back with Jay with a track?

“I don’t know. I think I’m just gonna do some strong music. You know music reflects on everything. Just listen real hard you might hear something slick. As far as me dedicated my time and my energy to something like that. It’s really a waste of my time, you know what I mean? I’d rather keep hearing him keep talking about me.”