Miramar, FL

Prosecutors in the YNW Melly double homicide case have released the crime scene photos to the public. The photos, first published by Treasure Coast Palm on Thursday (November 21), were used during a bail hearing to show Melly’s co-defendant Cortlen Henry should be denied bail until trial.

Melly stands accused of killing two of his friends, Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams and Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr., in October 2018.

After reportedly driving around with the dead bodies in the car for hours, they came up with a plan to tell police Thomas and Williams were victims of a drive-by shooting.

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During the hearing, prosecutors shared photos from the Miramar Police Department. The first image illustrates how authorities believe all four men were seated in the vehicle when the crime took place. Other photos mark bullet trajectory in the vehicle with blood clearly visible all over the car.

Investigators say ballistics tests prove the drive-by was staged. Several shots actually came from inside the vehicle. The prosecution also used cellphone tracking data to prove Melly was at the scene at the time.

Melly pleaded not guilty. But if convicted, he could face the death penalty.  

Check out the crime scene photos below.