In recent times, the current state of hip-hop has been a hot topic in the press, with the media, and throughout the entire entertainment industry. Musical content and lyrics in hip hop songs are being depicted as negative and derogatory. The airwaves have been saturated with pop, lock, and drop it, and lean and rock.

While the millennium has definitely made way for a new wave of hip hop sound, there are still true rooted hip hop artists who choose to stick to the “blueprint” of this game. From the beginning of the hip hop era, the music has always served as a means of entertainment, but it was also used as a tool to educate, uplift, and motivate. However, that has somehow been lost along the way. Though we want to entertain music lovers, artists also have a responsibility to provide them with “real” music. Stimuli has joined forces with DJ Victorious and would like to present to the hip hop world, Say Something, a mixtape series. The goal of this project is to produce “real” music, not “preachy” music. There are issues that go on around us day to day that affect our lives. This is a challenge for artists signed/unsigned to use their gift of music to address and talk about these issues. Any artist that wants to be involved simply has to submit their song(s) to You can also check out the site @

Thus far we have received some extremely good submissions, and we encourage those who haven’t gotten involved, to do so. This is a wonderful opportunity to do something worthwhile and to give something of substance back to those true fans that continue to support the music and the entire hip-hop movement. Here is our chance as a community to prove to the politicians, the non-believers, and yes our very own Oprah Winfrey, that we can make a difference with the music!!!

Producers and DJ’s, we sincerely hope to have your support in this project. Producers are welcome to make beats available for artists to bless if you would like to be involved. DJ’s, you guys have literally become the “gatekeepers” of the game. In saying that I hope your support in a movement of such magnitude goes without saying. Please remember the huge role you guys play in what gets fed to the people. REAL TALK !!

Hip Hop world, this is a movement. It’s a movement with a purpose, and Stimuli wants you to get involved. There is POWER in MUSIC. The hip hop community controls an enormous amount of this power. The Say Something mixtape series is a platform for every artist to use the power of their music in the most positive way. Don’t just put words together, SAY SOMETHING!!!!!

To contact Stimuli about the Say Something mixtape series, you can hit him up @

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