Just in time for Halloween, Wavyy Jonez drops off a creepy short film for his song “Zombieland.” Jonez, who starred as Biggie Smalls in the 2018 series Unsolved: The Murders Of Tupac & The Notorious B.I.G, released his two-song Crown Me Zombie Slayer EP earlier this week.

Directed by Jonez’s “Unsolved” co-star Dominic Santana and Ben Woods, the clip opens on the four-piece band UN!TY as they drive to the Panic Attack Haunted Attraction to perform a show. Following directions to the supposed venue, the band arrives at a creepy old house in the middle of a foggy forest.

“Hey brother, I wouldn’t even go in there if I was you,” a frightened stranger warns.

Nevertheless, the band hesitantly enters the ominous-looking house, where they’re met with a startling surprise. The camera turns to find Jonez performing to a packed audience — of zombies.

“Zombieland, Zombieland/Your presence required in Zombieland/Zombieland, Zombieland /You should retire in Zombieland,” Jonez sings.

While Jonez is performing, UN!TY desperately tries to escape the staggering mob of flesh-eating creatures.

“Zombieland” accompanies Jonez’s song “Wavyy Tha King” on his Crown Me Zombie Slayer EP. The short film arrives ahead of the rapper/actor’s role in the upcoming Hulu series, “Reprisal,” which is set to premiere on December 6.

Watch to see if UN!TY makes it out alive in the spooky clip above.