Lil Peep’s mother Liza Womack filed a lawsuit on Monday (October 7) alleging the late rapper’s tour and management company was culpable in his 2017 death. Now, First Access Entertainment is reportedly calling foul.

In a statement obtained by The Blast, the company says they actually attempted to sway Peep away from drugs and his enablers.

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They explained, “Lil Peep’s death from an accidental drug overdose was a terrible tragedy. However, the claim that First Access Entertainment, any of its employees, or Chase Ortega, or anyone else under our auspices was somehow responsible for, complicit in, or contributed to his death is categorically untrue.”

The statement continued, “[his managers] consistently encouraged Peep to stop abusing drugs and to distance himself from the negative influence of the drug users and enablers with whom he chose to associate.”

The company added they are “extremely disappointed” Womack filed the wrongful death lawsuit.

Peep died on November 15, 2017 at the age of 21. His official cause of death was listed as a combination of fentanyl and alprazolam (Xanax).