Three MCs — Rome Streetz, Jamal Gasol and Lord Juco — have teamed up with producer Ro Data, executive producer Jordan Commandeur and art/design director Jonny Botsch to form Big Turks.

Before the collective’s self-titled debut drops on October 18, the group has linked up with Mercenary Productions to put together a video for their single “Lionman,” which features Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Solomon Childs and DJ Chong Wizard.

“Mercenary Productions and Jordan C. had a dope vision for the ‘Lionman’ video,” Gasol tells HipHopDX. “And there’s no better place than NYC, the Mecca of Hip Hop, to have us show off these bars.”

Rome adds, “Always dope working with Mercenary! We have good chemistry from doing a number of videos together.”

Watch the Big Turks’ “Lionman” video featuring Childs and Chong Wizard above.