The possibility of a new Eminem album inching its way to the masses is looking more and more like a reality. On Wednesday (September 11), a mysterious upload to Eminem’s YouTube page got the internet all riled up.

The video is an audio track that sounds like smooth jazz from Kenny G. The cover art reads: “PhilipJones16” and “THE REAL SLIM SHADY.” It’s coupled with a peaceful photo of an empty country road.

The rollout for 2017’s Revival started off similarly. But instead of smooth jazz, Em’s team built a whole campaign around a fictitious prescription drug called Revival. The campaign kicked off in October of that year and by December, Em’s ninth studio album had arrived.

Last month, Em posted a rather cryptic tweet that many believed was aimed at Lord Jamar considering it followed his controversial statements about the Detroit-bred rap god.

“People think they want this problem ’til they get it,” he wrote.

Slim Shady fans — or Stans as they are often called — have now flocked to Twitter, trying to decipher what the latest YouTube clip means. Is it a new song? A joke? The beginning of a new album rollout?

Whatever it is, it has people talking.

Check out some of the reactions below.