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It’s widely accepted that Dr. Dre’s iconic debut album The Chronic iss one of the most important and influential releases of all time. It’s also considered by many as one of most well-produced bodies of work in the genre’s timeline. Snoop Dogg, of course, ultimately served as the more crucial elements of the project’s enduring success.

In a bonus clip from his recent sitdown with KXNG Crooked for an exclusive in-studio edition of Crook’s Corner, Tha Doggfather reflected on how his relentless grind resulted in the multiple appearances on the LP that shot him into the spotlight.

“I’d be in that motherfucker all night. Like, if Dre even had a half of a beat or he just had the drums, I’d write to the drums and come up with a melody or some shit,” Snoop explains.



“[Dre] would add onto it and before you know it I’m on the song.”

Snoop also revealed his push to have his cousin Daz Dillinger included on the album, even writing his verse on “Deeez Nuuuts.”

“I wanted [Daz] on this song because I liked his voice. I’m like, ‘Dre, this nigga voice, it’s hard cuz … you got to put him on the song,” he notes, adding that Dre was initially reluctant until he heard it all come together.



As legend would have it, Daz and Dre spent the next three days in the studio.

“He did ‘Lil Ghetto Boy’ all on his own. Nigga wasn’t playing. It was like after I wrote that, he got hungry,” he explains. “He started breaking in the studio. He and Warren G knew how to rig the studio … they’d be up there all night figuring that shit out.”

Watch the full clip above and revisit Daz’s interview below.

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