HipHopDX Premiere – AmirSaysNothing has returned with a new visual for “Bright Side Pleasures.” Featuring Daisy Hamel-Buffa, the front woman of the Los Angeles-based band DAISY, the video is intended to represent the emotions of heaven and hell, love and pain, stress and bliss.

“The Side A of the song is fast and intense, echoing the tumultuous times I had been going through not only as an artist but also as a person,” Amir tells HipHopDX. “[It’s about] surviving through the madness of the world, family and career to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. The Side B is the sun rise again, the end of the rain, the bliss.”

Amir adds, “The lyrics of the verse – ‘I’m like Dre/Fuck the stress/I’m on my sails” – it is freedom. I have become great friends with DAISY over the past few years, and I had texted her that word. That’s what her voice embodied to me, the sweet but raw sound of being free. I am so honored to have been able to create this and have her be a part of it.”

“Bright Side Pleasures” follows his 2019 the Big Jerm-produced “Big Star,” and is featured on Amir’s upcoming full-length project.

Check out the video above.