It’s no secret that Cam’Ron and Tru Life aren’t each other’s biggest fans. Over the past few months, the two have exchanged numerous diss tracks, as well as entire mixtapes aimed towards one another.

The beef was taken to another level, as New York’s Power 105 morning show host Ed Lover explains what happened: “What happened last night was
Cam was standing in front of Club Stereo and Tru Life confronted him
about what’s been going on back and forth on the mixtapes and they got
into a physical confrontation. Pretty much Tru Life hit Cam, cops broke
it up and everyone dispersed,”
said the radio show host, according to SOHH.

“As an OG in this business, I
have a lot of love for both camps and I’m trying to mediate this
because it’s starting to get to a point where it’s getting out of hand
now. The worst thing we need is somebody really getting seriously
injured. Having a little fight is one thing, but you know when it comes
to that, the gunplay comes into it. We don’t need that. Hip hop  got enough problems right now, we don’t need another black eye because of some dumb beef. It can be squashed.”

No major injuries were sustained an neither party has had anyone arrested. According to Ed Lover, he has spoken to both Jim Jones and Tru Life.

“It’s just a matter of getting
dudes off that ‘f* the other dude’ thing and coming to a table and
sitting down,”
said Ed Lover. I think I’ll be able to do that and with the help of some
of the other OG’s in the business we’ll be able to do that…We’re at a critical point with hip-hop right now. I feel
like the future of hip-hop is riding on the moves that we make within
the next couple of months, because Don Imus
was slick enough to throw hip-hop in the pot. I know both of these
camps and I’m trying to do as much as I can do to mediate and at least
get some kind of dialogue.”

UPDATE: Tru Life speaks on incident with Power 105 radio. CLICK HERE.