Rapper turned singer T-Pain found himself in police custody Saturday evening.  

Pain, born Faheem Najm allegedly refused requests to cut his set short at the annual Radio One Spring Fest concert. Pain headlined the bill, which also included Trey Songz, Mims, Rich Boy and others.

One unnamed witness spoke to ballerstatus and says that the singer allegedly became irate when officials asked that he cut his set short. Pain refused numerous requests to stop performing.  

When Pain kept performing, police presence in the back stage area increased. His manager allegedly rushed the DJ booth and shoved a female police officer in the process. He was snatched up by police before returning to the stage.

Concert officials finally had enough of Pain’s non compliance, shutting down his act in the middle of his latest hit single, “Buy You a Drink”.


Pain responded by jumping up and down, tossing his mic and screaming “fuck you” to the police (while giving them the finger at the same time).

After the show, Pain and his entourage left the premises, only to be chased by area police.

Police pulled the vehicle over and arrested the singer. No charges have been filed as of press time.