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Things seem to be heating up between Joyner Lucas and Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg over the radio hosts excessive use of a cell phone during Joyner’s November 2018 appearance on Real Late with Rosenberg.

During a segment on Ebro in the Morning on Tuesday (May 7), the cast of the morning show gave their thoughts about Joyner’s latest video, “Devil’s Work.” Amidst the discussion, Rosenberg recounts some tension between himself and the Massachusetts rapper who felt disrespected by Rosenberg’s phone use during an interview vowing to “not do interviews anymore.”

Joyner shared a clip of the segment on Twitter, Wednesday (May 8), asking Rosenberg to “find the original footage of interview & keep the cam on you the whole time. U was on phone at least 10X texting while I was talking. So Yea I felt disrespected. Release same interview but keep cam on u the whole time. Bet u won’t.”

The veteran radio personality claims to “remember the moment, I was trying to get a date right on when he put out ‘I’m not racist,’ or something.” Rosenberg is adamant that he looked at his phone only once during the interview, “I think of myself as radio-first not on-camera first, so I’m not thinking about being seen.”



Joyner continued to tell his side of the story following up his tweeted clip with another detailing his feelings towards the entire situation and the lack of respect he feels he received during the interview.

“I woke up early AF to go to your station to give a solid interview as you sit and text more than a handful of times right in my face. @Rosenbergradio… [Stop] treating artists like we need u niggaz in 2019.”

Rosenberg responded to Joyner’s tweets on Thursday’s (May 9) show insisting that “if he [Joyner Lucas] felt sincerely disrespected, that makes me feel bad that he thinks me looking at my phone during a 40-minute interview was disrespectful, that sucks, but here’s the thing bro, you then hung out with us after the interview in our office for an hour… why weren’t you like, ‘hey bro why were you lookin’ at your phone?'”



Joyner has yet to respond to the latest round.

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