Sixmau a.k.a. Kamau Haroon, the man who created the artwork for J. Cole’s KOD album, has accused the Dreamville founder of ripping him off in a verbal agreement. According to Sixmau, Cole allegedly sold merchandise featuring the artist’s work without permission.

While it’s not the first time Sixmau has made these claims, many of his previous tweets about his deal with Cole have been deleted. But on Wednesday (May 8), he tweeted again about being finessed by Dreamville.

When asked about how he was swindled, Sixmau elaborated.

“I did all the creative direction for the KOD album and he told me my work was only going to be used for booklet art,” he wrote. “Only to turn around and make merchandise illegally with my art behind my back and profit majorly off it while on tour. Fuck them.”

As Twitter users continued to question him, Sixmau shared more information about his dealings with Cole and Dreamville.

“I was in direct contact working strictly with Cole,” he wrote. “His manager is his best friend ibrahim who was often in the room with him. There is no *people* dreamville is literally J coles day care and the dreamers are like helpless toddlers.”

He added, “The art is my intellectual propertyZ he hired me for my creative work for a specific time period. But during no time was he in possession of the pieces and I left with the artwork still in hand. The original cover is now owned by a collector in Cali who is aware of the sitch.”

Sixmau told another fan, “I did charge. We had a verbal agreement. He broke it. I could sue but it’d be tedious and I’m dealing with an eviction rn on top of all of that.”

Although Sixmau spent much of the day discussing Cole’s alleged wrongdoings, he admitted to making an error by not having a written contract.

“Obvioulsy I made a stupid mistake,” he conceded. “It was 2 years ago. I was dumb and star struck even tho I was never a cole fan. We met several times and I looked up to him like a bro. He even encouraged me to open up to him about my personal life. Feel like he used me for inspiration.”