50 Cent isn’t letting off Young Buck’s neck. After relentlessly trolling the G-Unit affiliate over his alleged transsexual relationship, Fiddy has shared another Instagram post urging Buck to admit he’s gay, something Buck adamantly denies in the first half of the clip.

“Ain’t shit gay about me,” he says. “I ain’t gotta problem with no gay people. Whatever the fuck you niggas thought you seen on the tape, that ain’t no muthafuckin’ tape with no muthfuckin’ punk sucking my dick.

In a second clip, an anonymous person says, “He big mad. God damn, it ain’t my god damn fault you gay boy. Fuck you talkin’ bout boy? I ain’t make the muthfuckin’ video. You callin’ me bitches and shit? You disrespectful. ”

From there, he tells Buck to “just come out the closet.”

The Power star captioned the video with, “you on the yellow line out here on these street, playing with fofty’s money.”

Earlier this week, 50 taunted Buck with a GoFundMe page, claiming he was raising money to help get Buck out of his contract with the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ vet.

“help Young buck get away from Fofty [aka 50 Cent], just make a donation and set your favorite rapper free,” he wrote Instagram. “#fofty wants his fucking money. Lol.”

Buck and 50’s relationship has been a tumultuous one. At times, Fiddy seems supportive but simultaneously continues to throw jabs. Just last week, he was praising Buck for working hard on his new album in a since-deleted tweet.

“He worked hard on this project,” he said. “I told him his personal choice to date a transexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine.”

In yet another Instagram post, Buck promises 50’s “days are numbered.”