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The back and forth between Young Buck and former boss 50 Cent seems to be never-ending. The G-Unit honcho took to Instagram on Tuesday (March 26) to further “expose” the Nashville rapper for an alleged relationship with a transsexual.

“If your in a relationship with a tranny, your gay,” wrote 50 Cent in the caption of the now deleted post. “That’s a boy, Boy. It’s cool Buck you gonna be big down at the gay bars.”


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The video appeared to be a taped phone call, in which Buck is aggressively telling a blogger to take down a video that allegedly shows him in a sexual act.

“Take that shit down … before I do what I got to do for my own career sake,” Buck can be heard threatening. “I have to go out and let people know this is not real. That ain’t me and I ain’t [gay].”

Though it’s not specific, he seems to be referencing a September 2018 Instagram post by a transgender woman named GlamourPurfek, purporting to show a back-and-forth communication and sexual act with a man who was reportedly Young Buck.

During the taped call, but seems to note that he wasn’t putting all the blame on whomever he was talking to, which lines up with GlamourPurfek’s claim that they were hacked after providing login details to an acquaintance to help get verified.

Hardly an admission and doing little more than corroborating Buck’s take, the biggest question raised is who actually taped the call?

Following defamation threats after Buck was publicly attempting to collect royalties earlier this year, all of the rapper’s music was taken off of iTunes and a cease and desist was sent to his distribution label from G-Unit Records.

The saga continues.