Westside Gunn has teamed up with DJ Shay for a compilation mixtape titled Fourth Rope. The project is a collection of the Griselda Records rapper’s wrestling-themed songs.

In a recent feature with HipHopDX, Westside displayed his wrestling fandom by recalling his favorite WrestleMania memory.

“My favorite WrestleMania moment, I was there,” he told DX. “It was 33 in Orlando, Brock [Lesnar] vs. Goldberg. I always wanted to see Goldberg wrestle, but Brock killed him [laughs] … suplexed him ‘bout 50 times, then Roman Reigns beats Undertaker. At the time, we thought we would never see Undertaker wrestle again because it was an emotional exit. He left his hat in the middle of the ring, but it was a crazy experience, even with the production set up they had to go down a ramp that was about a half mile long. It was fire.”

While it doesn’t contain any new music, the 21-track tape gives fans something to enjoy while they wait on Westside and his Griselda crew’s Shady Records debut.

Check out Westside’s Fourth Rope stream, cover art and tracklist below.

1. Lotto
2. Macho on Coke
3. Ric Flair Skit
4. Rvd
5. Gorilla Monsoon
6. Dudley Boys
7. Finn Balor
8. Dean Malenko
9. Chyna
10. Perfect Plex
11. Jimmy Hart Skit
12. Vader
13. Elizabeth
14. Mean Gene
15. Ringside Rockin Furs
16. Mr. Fuji
17. Luger
18. Bob Backlund
19. John Bena
20. Summer Slam 88
21. R.I.P Bobby

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