Earlier today 50 Cent
was on Hot97. As always Miss Jones and DJ Envy brought the listeners a great interview. Let’s get into it.

On the alleged
incident with Tony Yayo, were you around? Was that you in the van?

“Absolutely not, I was
in Connecticut preparing to go to Angola. In Africa … [the security cameras in
50’s house] will put me in Connecticut. Cause I’m walking back and forth
through the house. And they got cameras in certain areas of the house. So you
can see me,”
50 responded.

Tony Yayo’s been
involved in a lot of issues. Everytime he is involved, your name is

“They need to put me
into it, in order to make it news worthy. It’s totally about money at the end
of the day. It’s desperation,”
said. “This is the same situation they seen
that’s gone on the last couple years with Game. He sells 5 million records when
I write his album and 800,000 when he writes it.”

Is it true that
Olivia’s been dropped?

“Yea. There was just
so many miscommunications going on with the actual project. That it frustrated
me to the point, that I felt like I gotta focus on 50 Cent.”

Why the YouTube
videos as opposed to mixtape records?

“I have a deal with
YouTube. So anything that has ‘50 Cent’ on it? I’m credited for it. So if it
says ‘Cam’ron 50 Cent Diss’ I get credit for. ’50 Cent parody’ I get credit for
it. … That’s just me playing Cam and them to get them to draw in some energy.
It’s easy, it’s like a life-sized pawn.”

You gonna put out any
diss records towards Cam?

“I feel like I have to be smart enough not to continue
dealing with someone who isn’t intelligent enough to know when they lost.”

Young Buck?

“If you listen to
Angie Martinez’s show, when Young Buck was on there, he made references to him
being his own man, his own decisions to try and make friends with people that I
have issues with,”
50 responded. “I hold him in the same space that I held
Game in … in that light. If I have issues with somebody and we’re down with
each other, then you have issues with them.”

“It doesn’t change,
like me and Buck [don’t] got beef. He’s [just] in the same space. He’s in the
same boat for having the same actions.”

You gonna be on future
Buck records? G-Unit records?

“I made sacrifices
continuously, not just for Olivia, but for the entire G-Unit,”
50 replied. “At this point, they have to do their thing now. It’s their second
album … everybody.”

What happens if they
don’t deliver in the next go round?

 “If they don’t deliver, then they don’t actually work.”

Sha Money XL still
the President of G-Unit?

“No, Sha Money is no longer
the President of G-Unit Records … Me and Sha sat together and made the decision
to help us grow in other areas because I’m not doing as much as I would be
doing for each individual artist on G-Unit. We needed him because he’s the most
experienced person in our circle. Not just on the actual creative level, but in
the corporate end. He’s managing everybody. He’s over Banks, Buck and Yayo.”

So what info on the
next album can you give?

“This album releases
June 19th, this albums called Curtis. And the next album is
scheduled to release February 4th, and inside the packaging is the promotion
for the next album, which is the the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Trying. It’s
my fourth album, I signed a 5 album deal. But my fifth album is a greatest hits
album, which means my album requirements are complete.”

“Before I Self Destruct
is complete. It’s like two songs from being done. So my second album is already
done. I was writing to that concept, before I changed the concept to Curtis. And
created what I’m ready to put out now.”

Check the audio right HERE!

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