Los Angeles, CA – Fans of Showtime’s engrossing hit series, Ray Donovan could be shocked that the fractured “Bunchy” is actually a poised MC by the name of Dash “Diz” Mihok.

For his new, HipHopDX-premiered single, “Fire” (alongside crooner Desi Valentine), the provocative lyricist aims to bridge all societal disconnects. The emotionally driven record was directly inspired by the heinous actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville in May of 2017.

“To me, everything is relative and subjective to the individual,” Diz explains to HipHopDX. “I try my best to put the many different goggles on that each one of us sees our life through. Personally, my vision doesn’t see any separation of race, gender or sexual orientation. We are all one. That’s how I grew up. No matter what lens we look through, it’s easy to see how much fear there is in our country and the rest of the globe. Fear is bred of survival….or what we might believe is needed to survive. It also comes from losing what we hold dear. Be it our dwindling jobs, or our children at the hands of gun violence.”

Corey Nikols

Despite his elevated platform, Diz isn’t a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to musicianship. His love for the culture was literally instrumental in quelling his Tourettes Syndrome at just eight-years-old and he’s been looking to convey his message through sound ever since.

“In my heart, as I said in this song, what makes me get up each day is ‘the state of the union still ours’,” he continued. “I believe if we all could have a minute in person to stare into one another’s eyes, everyone might see the innocent kid in all of us and accept who we all are. I trust, at the very least, that would start the conversation to heal any division.”

Watch the “Fire” video up above and follow Diz & The Fam @dizmihok for more music updates this year.