Despite a video being circulated as “J. Cole Gets Into A Brawl in Africa” across the internet, the man in the clip is not the real KOD rapper.

A video filmed in an undisclosed location surfaced to Twitter on Sunday (March 24) showing a man who bears a strong resemblance to J. Cole getting into a public brawl.

The 50-second clip shows a man in what appears to be a large auditorium or some public place, confronting the J. Cole doppelgänger and grasping his shirt, as he tries to pull away and deescalate the situation. Security is seen approaching the pair as well, before suddenly the J. Cole lookalike gets punched in the face, commencing a group fight that lasts for the duration of the video.

Twitter erupted with hilarious reactions and some detective work, with the obvious conclusion being that the Dreamville general isn’t in the clip.

Check out some of the public’s comments below. As of press time, there has been no comment from J. Cole or his team regarding the royal rumble.