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Detroit’s La’Britney has paved the way for her own lane as a singer, dancer, entrepreneur and mother. These roles were all taken on by La’Britney at a young age giving her the experience to overcome a few different obstacles along the path of her career.

Since 2018, she has starred in Love & Hip Hollywood and released two projects independently including her latest Never Fold.

HipHopDX got a chance to chat with La’Britney about her career and the adjustments she’s made on her journey as an artist.

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How long have you been passionate about music?

La’Britney: I’ve been passionate about music and performing arts since I was a little girl. I’ve always been dancing and I’ve always been singing. I can remember even training back when I was about 7-years-old.

What was your defining moment as an artist?

La’Britney: I really knew this was something I wanted for life and as a career when I was seventeen and I joined this girl group in Detroit. We started traveling and it no longer became a hobby but something I loved as work. At the time, the group I was in had a showcase in Burbank, California. Michael Jackson was there in the room next to us rehearsing for the This Is It Tour. Jermaine Jackson came over to our room and watched our showcase. We were able to meet Michael Jackson after Jermaine introduced us and it was just life-changing for me to meet my idol.

About how long were you in this girl group?

La’Britney: I was in the group for about three to four years. We eventually ended up splitting up and I was like the last man standing and continued to do my own thing with music.

Since dancing has always been something that you have been passionate about since childhood were there any specific genres that you practiced?

La’Britney: Yes, when I was little my mom would put me in classes for jazz, Hip Hop and ballet. It’s so funny now because when I look back on all the pictures, I was just this small girl in these big bubble pageant dresses. I was killing shit though! The older I got, I would sit at home and literally watch music videos all day to watch people dance. I would always watch 106 & Park and TRL. Some of my favorite artists were Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child and Mya. I always had a passion for artists who can sing and dance at the same time. So I would sit at home watching their videos to learn every single dance move. Performing in front of an audience has always something I’m naturally good at and I love to do. Coming to one of my shows means you get to see all the things I can do.

So are you choreographing your live performances and music visuals?

La’Britney: I have worked with different choreographers out here in L.A. I’m very hands-on with everything I do. So I like working with my choreographers. Once I got the opportunity to start working with other professionals and learning different styles of Hip Hop dancing, I was happy.

So let’s talk about you coming up in Detroit a bit more. You basically have been a businesswoman since your teenage years with braiding hair and sewing clothes. What beauty and fashion ventures can we expect from you?

La’Britney: So I have a clothing line called La Nation Shop. It’s actually my merch but I’m turning into more of an athleisure collection. I used to sew a lot but then I started getting too busy. As far as beauty goes, I have this movement I have called When Beauty Meets Brains. It’s all about the everyday lifestyle of women, I just released a lipstick called Ooh La La. When Beauty Meets Brains is also an outlet for me to host women’s conferences and speaking engagements where I talk about my journey of coming up as a teenage mother up to where I am today. So many women can relate to my story, I come from the hood and I’m self-made. I used to braid hair as a teenager on my front porch just so I could afford to send my son to daycare while I went to high school. I love When Beauty Meets Brains events because I can give women advice and words of encouragement. There is always a way out of your struggle.

There are other artists who are in the beginning stages of their career and also mothers like Rico Nasty, Bbymutha and Cardi B. What is the most difficult part of motherhood as an artist and what is the best?

La’Britney: The most difficult part is definitely being away from my family. I struggle with that every single day. As a mother, we want to to be there every step of the way and we don’t want to miss any moment of our kids’ lives. In this industry, we have to move around a lot with tours and press runs. I’m not rich enough yet for nannies or anything so sometimes I have to leave my kids at home in Detroit for weeks at a time. My family is a crucial part of who I am as an artist, I can be myself and think creatively. The best part of having my family is that they are my biggest supporters and motivation. Because of them, I can’t quit and I have to keep shit going every single day.

Do you feel like Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has had a positive impact on your career?

La’Britney: The show gave me a platform to where more people know who I am. It’s definitely been positive for my career because I was able to share my music, bring my family on and tell my story. The world was able to see how hard we work as artists. I really appreciate Mona Scott for the opportunity. I was able to be genuine and be La’Britney. My experience with the show was great. I was able to bring my kids on the show and now they think they’re superstars at school! It’s been really dope.

I know on your most recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, you mentioned that you and Kash Doll haven’t spoken and you two were once really close. After recording “Actin’ Funny” and you two both being to Detroit have you been able to work things out yet?

La’Britney: We still haven’t spoken yet.

Is that something you’re hoping to do one day?

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La’Britney: Yeah. I always like to clear the air. I have never been one to hold grudges unless someone really did something to hurt me. I don’t know what exactly the issue is. It has never been addressed but I’m a grown woman and I feel like communication is always key in any situation. I’m always open to clear the air with her.

So what’s your favorite track on your latest project Never Fold and why?

La’Britney: My favorite is the very last song. It’s “Can’t Go Blind” and it’s dedicated to my papa. His voice is on it and it’s an inspirational quote that he always said to my sister and I. That song is really inspirational and it just means a lot to me that a lot of my fans can relate to it. I know I’ve had fans reach out and say it got them through some tough times.

Lastly, what next for La’Britney as far as music?

La’Britney: I’m back in the studio in L.A. working on new music. It’s a new sound because everything I recorded up until now was back home in Detroit so I’m excited for my fans to hear my new stuff.

Stream La’Britney’s Never Fold down below and for more updates, follow her on Instagram @labritney_.

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