True vulnerability in Hip Hop is often something rare, but Caulfield gives ample amounts of emotional transparency on his new “Stigmata (Bargaining)” single.

Throughout the track, the Georgia artist skillfully creates a narrative that emotionally connects his listeners to the third stage of grief.

“[The track] follows the five stages of grieving in dealing with the break up between my fiancée and myself and the subsequent loss of faith in God,” the press release describes. “Delivering an entrancing dark undertone with a melodically rich intro, the song breaks the conventions of today’s Hip Hop and just lays it all out for the world to observe.”

The multi-faceted artist displayed his diverse skill set of creativity when he shot and edited the music video for the first single “Blue Pills” from his upcoming God Is Dead EP.

The project is set to be released in March. Until then, check out the “Stigmata (Bargaining)” single above and revisit “Blue Pills” below.