Worldwide – With Hip Hop music (and all live music for that matter) pandemonium being at an all-time high, the folks over at Complex have compiled a list of must-have items to make your 2019 concert experience that much sweeter.

Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs

Living young and carefree is all fine and dandy but you’ll probably want those eardrums long after you ceased camping outside for nine hours to see your favorite rap star. Thankfully, the Dubs Noise Cancelling Music Ear Plugs ($19.99) add comfort in those clutch, cilia-killing moments.

iPhone Case Card Holder

Seeing that thousands of music-goers funnel through festivals and concerts each year, securing ones personal belongings is crucial on the checklist. The Herschel Sixteen Hip Pack ($29.99) provides mental security when storing items whereas the Vofolen Card Holder iPhone Case ($10.99) cuts down the bulk of a wallet while keeping all valuables close to the ultimate concert valuable: the cell phone.

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