Eminem unleashed his “12 Days of Diss-Mas” picks on Shade 45 last month and in the process, brought up Del The Funky Homosapien’s “Wack MCs.” Taken from the 1993 classic No Need For Alarm, the track finds the Hiero mastermind sending a stray shot toward LL Cool J.

“Why swoon when you hear a ballad, is what I tell a broad/Cause L a fraud, he ain’t hella hard/I used to look up, now I want to cook up,” he spits.

Over the weekend, Del admitted the diss was the result of peer pressure and people in his camp telling him the Def Jam legend dissed him first.

“Heard @Eminem mentioned me on a recent episode of @Shade45 for dissing @llcoolj back in the day on ‘Wack M.C.’s’ so wanted to address that as it’s crazy and true but there’s more to it lol,” he tweeted on Saturday (January 5). “So it is true and I did but only because everyone around me was pumping me up telling me LL dissed me. Some line he said with something that could be interpreted to be talking about me if you listened hard enough.”

Del — who was around 20 at the time — continued, “Of course I was a kid back then so the peer pressure kicked in over rational thought. After awhile I figured ok LL don’t even know who the fuck you are how could he dis me and this my second album?” [apple_news_ad type=”any”]

Del confirmed he isn’t entirely convinced LL ever dissed him in the first place. He admits he decided to include the line because he was bummed one of his heroes would ever diss him.

“I only really half believed it at the time,” he tells HipHopDX. “It was just peer pressure and me wanting to impress Hieroglyphics. I ain’t proud of it. LL is actually one of my favorites ever ’til this day. I just felt some sort of way cause everyone was going on about how LL dissed me, so I was hurt.

“But yeah. I had criticism if he did want to dis me. I wasn’t in love with his entire catalog. The soft shit on Walking With A Panther in particular. That album was so fire, I was like why put this shit on here? To me, it was clearly for sales.”

He added “Wack MCs” wasn’t only about one MC either.

“LL was like the nigga,” he says. “He was around my age and had vocab like me, so he was a forerunner. ‘Wack MCs’ wasn’t about him tho. It wasn’t about anything in particular. It was just entertaining with rhymes about whatever was on my mind at the time.”

Ultimately, Del reaffirmed his love and respect for the Grammy Award-winning artist on Twitter.

“@llcoolj is one of my favorites so I felt some kinda way and fools was pushing it harder because of it,” he said. So yeah I dissed him but under peer pressure so I apologize if he peeped it. I’m sure he knows what time it is.”

Del ended his Twitter session by sharing a photo of Slim Shady wearing a Del The Funky Homosapien t-shirt and sending out a Bat Signal.

“Still tripping No Need For Alarm is 25 years old actually,” he concluded. “But shout out @Eminem @llcoolj and @Shade45. Em get at me.”