Fresh off of his latest album Championships, it appears that everyone wants a piece of Philly icon Meek Mill. According to a series of posts to his Instagram Stories, it looks as though it’s becoming less flattering and more overbearing by the minute — especially when it comes to male fans who keep rushing the VIP while he’s in the club.

“The way people be tryna get in the [VIP] section is pitiful man,” he writes. “I be tryna hold everybody down but it’s getting outrageous … some of y’all have to see y’all selves from teh outside! ”

He then specifically calls out the male groupies — or as one commenter dubbed “moupies,” who seem to be on the Meek train this season. “Last year it wasn’t that many people around,” he notes.

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While Meek concedes that he does appreciate the attention, he says that many unknown faces are taking advantage.

“My real family and friends can’t even get next to me … we didn’t even invite you and you mad u can’t get in the section,” he adds. “I be acting like I don’t be paying attention but I really do be.”

With everyone seemingly pro-Meek, the rapper insists “all in all I appreciate the love.” However, of you’re trying to get in the mix without being asked to do so, be aware that Meek is watching, and judging.

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