Suge Knight’s infamous life is being explored by Antoine Fuqua in a new Showtime documentary titled American Dream/American Knightmare.

The director of Training Day has conducted a series of interviews with the Death Row Records founder to examine Knight’s rise and fall. The film will detail how the controversial figure went from a Hip Hop mogul to a disgraced figure currently serving a 28-year sentence in prison.

“In this documentary – which took years of research, production and labor to complete – Suge Knight discusses for the first time his complex life in detail,” Fuqua said in a press release. “The audience will learn how he built and lost Death Row Records and his views about the rap music scene.

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“Suge also gives a first-person account and new details about the Las Vegas shooting that took the life of Tupac Shakur and also seriously injured him. This documentary will give viewers more access to Suge’s story than ever before. This is a cautionary tale of one man’s choices and the consequences of his decisions.”

American Dream/American Knightmare is scheduled to premiere on December 21. The film will air at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT and be available for streaming and on-demand viewing.

Watch the American Dream/American Knightmare trailer below.

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