“Fuck the Klan.” Bishop Lamont is speaking out.
Lamont is relatively new to the mainstream, but is backed by none other than Dr. Dre. While still prepping his next album, he has recorded tracks for a new mixtape and much like Dr. Dre’s other proteges, he is dropping it with a slew of controversy.
“[Dre] was like, ‘The only other cat that made me uncomfortable was Em,’ “ Lamont told MTV recently. “I got this other [song] called ‘Street Theology,’ and it’s just looking at religion. [Dre] was like, ‘I don’t know, you talking about spitting from the Good Book and [sex acts]. I don’t know.’ … My auntie is a minister. I got a lot of family in the Mosque. It’s the same thing as it is in the streets, but the kids gotta relate to it. … [Dre] said, ‘I’m uncomfortable, but it’s good.'”
The mixtape is full of controversy, as it shows Lamont wearing KKK gear on the front cover.
“F— the Klan,”�he said.�“I’mma rock your sh– and make fun of you. I’m clowning them like ‘F— these n—as. You gonna have to find something else to rock, ’cause we gonna make people laugh at you.’ … That’s how people should look at the Klan and racism – as a joke – because they’re f—in’ lost.”
Expect to hear more from Bishop, as he is slated to appear in Detox and Eminem’s next LP.