HipHopDX Premiere – After emerging with 1998’s Can-I-Bus, Canibus has consistently churned out project after project over the past 20 years. Of course, 2018 proves to be no exception.

Following the two-part Full Spectrum Dominance EP series — which he released earlier this year — the O.G. Bronx rapper has returned with a collaborative effort featuring Marty McKay. Titled Matrix Theory (Part 1) EP, the project is the first installment in their five-part journey.

Matrix Theory (Part 1) is the culmination of a lot of deep thought, contemplation and action,” McKay tells HipHopDX. “It’s an honor to work with my friend Canibus and get to see how powerful he is as both a rhyme master and a person who understands the hidden secrets of how what most people think is reality, firsthand.

“Most importantly, this series isn’t business as usual. It’s a drive to change lives by waking people up. This EP series was formulated over a three-year period and designed to shatter the false reality that keeps us trapped.”

Canibus adds, “Matrix Theory is not to be skipped over, or listened to casually. This series is a full force effort at a mass psychic prison break. Marty McKay is the perfect choice as a partner to take on the system of lies.”

Ahead of Matrix Theory (Part 1)‘s December 10 release, the duo has unveiled the first single, “Drugs Make The World Go Round.”

Listen to the track above and pre-order the project here.