Atlanta, GA – While T.I. has been active in all things Atlanta, from politics to property investment, his former establishment, 925 Scales, is still netting legal drama.

The Blast reports that Tip, real name Clifford Harris, was hit with an amended federal lawsuit on October 19 by several former employees of his now-closed restaurant. The suit claims that him and his business partner, Charles Hughes, allegedly did not pay their former employees their wages, including unpaid overtime.

The famed restaurant originally opened back in 2015, has since been nulled of its assets, leading to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing this year.

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The ex-employees’ lawsuit was amended after the original suit claimed that Harris and his partners exploited the restaurant as a front for their own personal financial gain. They allegedly used the money to pay themselves unusually high salaries at the cost of the restaurant losing money.

The former employees are supporting the amended suit with newly uncovered evidence that shows bank transfers totaling to $663,933.98, in which they want the full amount awarded them for the missing wages.

The case is still developing.