Chicago, IL – From saluting landmarks such as Harold’s Chicken or “The Rink” to conveying the significance of “foot working” and the Bulls, Zaena x Jason Maek’s new “Get You Right” video is the ideal Chicago inner-city culture experience.

“This song and visual are both fun and insightful,” Maek, who directed the video which fuses both Hip Hop and house music (also a Chicago staple), tells HipHopDX. “Most people only hear about the negatives of inner city Chicago culture. Zaena and I wanted to remind the world that there are a lot of amazing bright spots as well.”

Even with the buoyant feel of the track, “Get You Right” doesn’t shy away from the ills that still plague the Windy City’s communities. Police brutality, the country’s current political climate, and student debt are all highlighted, which especially resonates with Zaena who identifies as a Libyan refugee.

“Although my family moved here for a better life, America still suffers from many problems my homeland currently experiences ranging from political corruption to police brutality,” she says. “It was important for me to point that in hopes to start a conversation to create change.”

“Get Your Right” follows the recently HipHopDX-premiered video, “Get To Work,” which garnered almost 200,000 views in the first week, spawned over 30 reaction videos on YouTube and got picked up by MTV and MTV2.

Watch the “Get You Right” video up above and follow both Zaena and Jason on Instagram.