New York, NY – Charlotte-born, life-bred rapper BIGBABYGUCCI was recently named one of the “30 Artists Taking Over in 2019” by A3C and with his 10 Minutes To Live EP solely produced by Bobby Johnson, he’s out to prove why.

10 Mins To Live is a short project I wrote and recorded at the end of 2017 in Nashville Tennessee,” the all caps rapper tells HipHopDX. “I had just officially moved from Texas there and had a lotta positive energy going around me with a video gaining a lotta attention on YouTube. I recorded most of them in one night except ‘2 Phone,’ that beat was sent a couple months later. They’re basically different sides of me and parts of my life I think people can relate to. Everyone has been in love (Hypnotized), had to choose between two things you love (Number 1 & 2), or felt like just flexing cause you can (Ballin On Em).”

Stream the EP down below, check out the “Ballin On Em” video up above and follow BIGBABYGUCCI on Instagram @bigbabygucci.

10 minutes to live ep

1. BIGBABYGUCCI & Bobby Johnson – Hypnotized
2. BIGBABYGUCCI & Bobby Johnson – Number 1 & 2
3. BIGBABYGUCCI & Bobby Johnson – Know Me
4. BIGBABYGUCCI & Bobby Johnson – Ballin On Em
5. BIGBABYGUCCI & Bobby Johnson – 2 Phone