During a new promotional Team Backpack Cypher, CyHi Tha Prynce casually threw out the idea he’d like to battle Joe Budden for $500,000. Now, he’s doubling up on his offer.

On Tuesday (October 2), he sent out a tweet confirming the battle is a real possibility — if Budden will come out of rap retirement. 

“Joe my guy but I will end his rap and podcast career,” he wrote. “I’m the wrong 1 to play with but if he wants to put 500k up let’s get it and we doing it face to face too so you can look the GOD in his eyes while I take your SOUL and we call pay per view and we can double it! I got Sponsors.”

Budden responded with, “You don’t even believe this lol.”

When a fan tweeted, “Where was all this energy when Joe wasn’t retired?” CyHi replied, “He wasn’t a hater back then” to which Budden said, “You wasn’t cooning then.”

Budden already addressed CyHi’s original offer in a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast and is well aware the offer is on the table. In fact, he claimed he would do it if the money was there.

“CyHi, I have a million dollars, and I’ll clean your ass up,” he said. “You can’t come to the party with that. I’m retired. I’m not replying to none of these niggas. But, “Half a mil’, track-for-track? Of course, we gotta do that. Any rapper that money has been on the line for — nah, they never really put it up … I don’t think that CyHi has $500,000 of disposable income.”

For now, there’s no indication the battle will actually happen. Only time will tell. Until then, revisit CyHi’s cypher below.