Writer and financial educator Ash Cash is back with another book that aims to help readers achieve financial freedom — and ultimately happiness — using teachings learned through Hip Hop.

Having focused his previous book on jewels distilled from JAY-Z’s 4:44, his new book, Making Sense of Kanye, examines the misunderstood wisdom of controversial creative Kanye West. 

“Just like most people, when I would heard sound bites or read headlines of what Kanye was saying, I would be like ‘he’s bugging,’” Cash explains to HipHopDX. ”But when I actually looked deeper into his message I realized that Kanye wasn’t wrong.”

Despite some obviously poor delivery, Cash notes what he was saying had some truth to it. “When he finally released [Ye], and it was clear that he was an advocate for mental health, I knew that this was a message that needed to be heard. Many people had become emotional over some of his antics, and had turned a blind eye to anything he had to say.”

“I wrote this book because his message is too important to not take heed to,” he continues. “As JAY-Z said, ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.’”

The primary focus of the book is teaching readers how to obtain financial freedom, peace, love, and happiness while avoiding (or coping with) societal pressures. In essence, mental health and money. It illustrates how many of Ye’s thoughts coincide with spiritual law and breaks down how to use these laws to live a well-balanced life regardless of economic status.

Making Sense of Kanye is available on Thursday, August 31. You can preorder it, here.