New York City, NY – The release of Nicki Minaj‘s Queen has caused quite the controversy between her Twitter rants and the amount of sales but what also got plenty of reactions was her track, “Barbie Dreams.” The playful song (according to Nicki), name drops a handful of everyone’s favorite artists including Meek Mill, Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and Quavo. And just like most of those rappers, Quavo was blindsided by the song.

The “Lamb Talk” rapper sat down with Hot 97’s Nessa and revealed that he heard the album but “Barbie Dreams” was not on it when he did. “What did you think when you first heard Nicki talk about you in ‘Barbie Dreams?'” Nessa asks at the 4:24 mark.

“Yeah I laughed, it was funny,” Quavo responds before explaining his full reaction. “I guess I’m surprised as the rest of y’all. I heard the album before it dropped, but I ain’t hear that record. But yeah she dope, the album was fire.”

On the highly publicized song, Nicki raps, “Somebody go and make sure Karrueche okay though/I heard she think I’m tryna’ give the coochie to Quavo.” The line is referring to 2017 when Quavo and Karrueche Tran were dating and it was rumored they broke up over Nicki.

Quavo also reveals that he’s working on some new music and having fun putting out some solo work, “I’m just doing my thing right now, just having fun putting records out.”

Watch the full Hot 97 Nessa On Air interview above.