Lupe Fiasco is already mapping out his checklist of resolutions for 2019. He took to his Instagram account on Wednesday (August 22) to declare his abstinence from violence in all forms of media and music.

In the first of two separate posts, Lupe explains his lifestyle change at length.

“On January 1st, 2019, I will no longer support or engage with gratuitously senseless and or purposeless and excessively violent music, TV, cartoons, content and films,” he writes. “This includes all of the violent music, media and movies I grew up listening to and watching up until this point.

“There are so many other narratives in this world that involve peaceful means of cohabitation and expression with humanity and the world at large that deserves attention, absorption and contemplation.”

The second of Lupe two Instagram posts reads as a dialogue between himself and an imaginary person who questions his reactions in possible future violent encounters.

This anti-violence resolution continues a series of new career and life vows for Lupe. In July, he swore to never have guest features from other rappers in his tracks again.

“But what about your sword Lupe?” We come from different worlds. The things I do seem strange and weird to you because I’m not from the same place you are. The lessons I learned and the things I’ve seen have shaped me different. You may associate the opposite of violence with peace. That is not so to me. The opposite of violence is giving assistance, being helpful or building something. It is an action. Peace is a sense of a state of static being. One can be peacefully violent as one can be violently helpful. Actual Violence has a purpose but most depictions of violence in our modern consumptive condition have no purpose. In regards to my use of the sword: There are two common approaches to the practice of the katana (samurai sword) Satsuninto (the murdering blade) or Katsujinken (the live giving blade) they both refer to the same tool, the sword. However the mentality of each approach is much more different than the other. I aspire toward Katsujinken and I also practice something much deeper called “Kotoba To Ki” where the sword is actually a pen and the cuts are actually pen strokes. What the uninitiated and cloudy mind sees as a series of violent cuts and slashes is actually a poem being written. Do not try to understand this unless you are willing to undertake this. It will only complicate your life. ??

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