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It’s a good day to be Joe Budden.

The “retired” rapper has revealed today (August 22) that not only has his popular The Joe Budden Podcast just landed an exclusive partnership with Spotify but the release date for his upcoming REVOLT TV show, State of the Culture, has just been unveiled.

Starting September 12, Budden and his co-hosts, Rory and Mal, will stream The Joe Budden Podcast exclusively on Spotify and double the number of new episodes with a drop on Wednesday and Saturday each week. The back catalog of the existing 175 episodes is already available for streaming on Spotify.

“I’d like to thank Spotify for this tremendous opportunity to take The Joe Budden Podcast and podcasting in general to heights never before seen,” Budden said in a press release.

“Our partnership is extremely humbling for me and adds yet another chapter to a career full of plot twists. This highlights a new way of thinking & a corporate “head nod” to the shift taking place before our very eyes. I’m even more thrilled to embark on this journey with some of my closest friends & ppl i love. The podcast has been a great amplifier for my voice but fast growing into a platform for more & more artists to share their own personal feelings/stories/experiences. I’m anxious to get started & optimistic about what’s to come. While companies are spending endless amounts of dollars and research to find out what consumers want, how they want it & who they want it from, we’re in an space where all you have to do is listen to the ppl. Again, thank you Spotify for listening.”

Courtney Holt, Head of Spotify Studios, added, “As we continue to expand and diversify our content slate, teaming up with The Joe Budden Podcast is an exciting move for Spotify. We can’t wait to bring Joe’s loyal fans more of what they already love, and offer the opportunity for new hip-hop fans to discover him and listen.”

As for the long teased REVOLT TV show, Budden and REVOLT TV have announced their show’s release date. On Tuesday (August 21), Joe dropped a promo clip for the show, State of the Culture, that shows him giving a mock presidential speech.

“My fellow Americans. My fellow citizens. We are gathered here today for the state of the culture. A culture I love. A culture I respect. A culture that defines us. In this digital age there’s an endless need of information. It is more important now than ever before. With more information comes more understanding, more acceptance, more unification. Information is the key to unlocking our differences. We are here to bridge the gap from the streets to the boardrooms, between trap house & penthouse. From the young lil’s to the older OG’s. Hip Hop is the commonality. It is the language we use to speak one another, and that’s why I come forth today to decode the culture,” states Budden as he addresses the crowd.

State of the Culture is set to start on September 10th as stated in the video description, “Peep the State of the Culture Press Conference with Joe Budden. Save the date for the series premiere coming to you ONLY ON REVOLT, September 10th & the exclusive TV special on the 11th. #SOTC #LETSGO.”

The fun starts soon. #REVOLT #SOTC ?

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Congratulations to Joe Budden!

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