CunninLynguists members Deacon The Villain and Natti recently announced The Off Daze, a side project with frequent collaborator Sheisty Khrist. Now, the new trio has released their debut album, Couple’s Skate.

The 10-track LP is produced entirely by Deacon, who notes the project is more lighthearted than CunninLynguists’ usual material. The group is already plotting out a follow-up too.

“We loved how this project turned out, but we won’t be here again,” Natti tells HipHopDX. “The next album will be whatever we want it to sound like, but it won’t be this.”

Deacon says work on the second album has already begun.

“We are so filled to the brim with a variety of musical influence that we just can’t contain it anymore,” he notes. “We are about to go to the end of the universe and back.”

Check out The Off Daze’s Couple’s Skate stream, cover art and tracklist below.

The Off Daze album

1. Dizzy
2. Couple’s Skate f. Cecil Gardner & Clay Coffey
3. Take Control f. Lance Fury & Bianca Jade
4. Beautiful Danger f. Fjer & Alayna
5. Twisted Love Song
6. Philly f. Diamond Ray
7. Emerald City f. Lance Fury
8. Shoot The Fair One
9. Ascension II
10.. Who Are You? f. Willie Bless & Shaun Jay