Thirty years removed from their debut album Straight Out The Jungle, it appears the Jungle Brothers are planning to release a brand new project.

“We’ve basically got a whole album in the can,” Jungle Brothers member Mike Gee — nephew of legendary DJ Red Alert — said in a recent interview. “We’re trying to polish it off right now.”

During the episode of Philaflava’s Take It Personal, the MC/producer revealed the upcoming project is mainly self-produced.

“[Afrika Baby Bam] has a lot of the production,” he said. “It’s mostly us. [Sammy B] has a lot of beats. It’s just us. It’s just us right now. We’ve got a bunch of songs done, but we still feel like we’ve got more to do.”

The group’s debut album officially marked the beginning of the legendary Native Tongues collective, which includes A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

Listen to a classic Jungle Brothers track below.