Lakeland, FL – Ever since T-Pain made it cool catchy to be head over six-inch heels for exotic dancers, there has been a steady sea of releases and music videos that show love towards that facet of the nightlife.

Up-and-coming Florida native Mazen has the sweet tooth in his HipHopDX-premiered “Candy” video but naturally, cavities can occur. As he explains.

“I wanted to paint a picture about a teenage romance in Lakeland, FL,” Mazen tells DX. Mentally, I had to put myself in the perspective of my 16-year old self and think about what I would say/do at the time. The entire song takes place in a car and it’s definitely a song you can sit back and drive to. That was one of my favorite things to do at the time.”

The single will appear on Mazen’s upcoming Odyssey project, which will be broken down into three parts (life in Lakeland, Los Angeles and New York City, respectively).

Watch the Dirty Bird Films-directed “Candy” video up above and follow Mazen on Instagram @moderndaymazen.