Scott Storch’s rise and fall, as well as his recent reemergence in the music industry, are the subject of a new film titled Still Storch. The VEVO documentary details how a combination of addiction and fame led to the hit-making producer burning through his $100 million fortune.

“People have their bottoms – I shot through the bottom, and I went like a hundred thousand leaps beyond the sea bottom,” Storch says in the film. “I don’t know many people who could survive emotionally, mentally through what I went through.”

Since filing for bankruptcy in 2015, Storch has been locked in the studio plotting a comeback, which is explored in the 20-minute doc. In 2017, he began his path back to the top by producing songs for Big Boi, Russ, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Trippie Redd and Master P’s daughter, Cymphonique Miller.

“The hunger is taking back my throne,” says Storch.

As the film’s director Rollo Jackson notes, the doc focuses on the toxic allure of fame and what it can do to you.

“This is a portrait of a man with a stoic talent for the piano,” Jackson says. “Someone who is far more eloquent, humorous and thoughtful than people tend to think. Most importantly, [Scott Storch is] someone who has an ear for a hit that very few people possess.”

Watch the Still Strong below.